Why We Are Not An Outlaw Club

We Do Not Consider ourselves to be Outlaws and it is very simple as to why? We grew up from there… thats the way we were not the way we are! Because being an outlaw is exactly that! You live on the outside of the Laws, Rules and Regulations of Society and everything it stands for. You don’t worry about licences or registrations for your vehicles. You don’t pay fines, you call them in when serving time for other crimes committed to survive. You have YOUR club, Brothers and that is your Religion and its Rules and Laws are the only ones you respect and adhere to. You do what you want, where and when you want. Society is simply the place you feed from and any human is fair game. You don’t have wives and children depending on you because you don’t need those kinds of responsibilities or the worry of revenge attacks against them to hurt you. You just use women for your pleasure and entertainment. Now we could run around pretending to be the above but we are not! We keep it real. We are realists! We do comply to all the Laws of Society just like everyone else. We vote, we hold permits for our parties in parks at xmas for our families and children. We pay our Taxes and Fines to stay out of prison because we are no use to the club in prison. We get up every morning to go bring home the bacon for our wives and families. No, the Vagabonds MC definitely do not consider ourselves Outlaws. RESPECT HONOR LOYALTY are what we believe in. It may be Old School but that’s the Vagabonds MC AUSTRALIA.