The Future For Ageing Vagabonds

Members come from all walks in life and at different ages. Originally the club was started by young men with ambitions to build something together around motorcycles. Not everyone got on but everyone gave a PLEDGE they would stand by one another through anything. If you wanted to take on one you take on all! Back then “anything” was Bar room fights,police chases, getting pissed and generally having a great time with the ladies or maybe Baseball games with the Wynnum Bodgies. Back then Brotherhood was everything. We are fortunate to still have 1 Original Members riding with us today. Our trouble started as members got older and more ambitious. Thinking about what they had around them. Some seen a force in the numbers,and a opportunity to use the group to personally gain from their positions inside the group. Sure everyone picked up on it, just like the rest of Australia and the increasing drug problems that had started to creep into society. Eventually to cut a long story short one of our members a founding member who’s ambitions had gotten awfully blurred and a well known club associate turned Gangster tried to turn us into their own personal club to work for them and protect them against other gangster forces. They offered big wages to members if they would run their whores and distribute their drugs. When this didn’t work they tried to start wars between our Club and other clubs in an attempt to shut our club down. This member was evicted from the club when we were settling the trouble he had started with another Brisbane Club and one of its members. Not taking his eviction from OUR Club to well, later we discovered he and his associate sugar daddy who was featured on Australia’s Dumbest Criminals paid $xx xxx to yet another Club we had previously considered friendly to shut us down. Well the thing these two Drug Fucked Fools hadn’t counted on was the True Vagabond Brotherhood! Yes we got a friendly phone call to meet members of this club at our bar. It was important and about our evicted disgruntled member. Then out come the hand guns. This Club took 3 bikes, booze all while we were held at gun point. Then before leaving the threat against our families had been made. You see by this time in our Members lives they had Children and Older family members depending on them. A place we the Vagabonds were very vulnerable. The minute someone starts telling you they will kill your children and family things changed. Things had really changed from the old days where a bikie would not take trouble home to another Rival Club members family. This was like no other threat we had ever encountered. They didn’t want to fight! Just Robb us and leave. We were not going to have any say. Because of the way this other club acted against us and ours we don’t have any respect for them or the people they were paid by. We had to stand back and really think about who we are! If this is the so called New Outlaw way! Then the Vagabonds do not want to be anything like it or have anything to do with it. Since that day in 1998 we stopped considering ourselves Outlaws. We have our honour! Never has any member asked the Constabulary or any other Clubs for assistance. So time passes and we wait for karma to take its toll. We could never raise against anyone’s children, women or their elderly. We teach our children to respect their family and that nothing worth having comes easy. With a general clean out of the ranks we now search for good men, Workers with family and ambitions to be a part of a honest organisation that intends to grow into a club Fathers can ride Proudly with there Sons. Its now 2013 and we are still around doing the same old things and those who know us stand by us. The Vagabonds A Never Ending Breed!