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We, the Vagabonds Brisbane Motorcycle Club, have been around Brisbane's Bayside Wynnum since 1978. We do not have Chapters everywhere, we have one. We are indeed a "Patch Club" however we do not wear Rockers or pretend to be Outlaws. We have, over the years, been labelled as an Outlaw Club by Publicans, Fathers, News Reporters and their Papers, Oh and don't forget our Qld Police Force. But we beg to differ! What we are is a 100% Old School Men's Motorcycle Club with a strong Family Orientation. We have Members who may have made mistakes in their lives and paid the penalty for it. Members wear our Patch to remind us and those around us of who we are and our devotion we hold to our Brotherhood and our Way Of Life! Never do we wear them in Taxi's, Buses or Cars/Cages and as times change it looks like Hotels and some other Businesses do not want Club Patches in them either. So far we have never been turned away by any Publican.  Yes... our club has associated with other Clubs of all types and descriptions over the years and some of our Members have built long term friendships with members from these organizations. But we the Vagabonds are nothing like them. We are not a Religious, Political or a Military group. We have our own Constitution, Rules and Beliefs. We have also at one time been Incorporated in Qld. The club benefited very little from it so we discontinued paying the Government its ransom money, as we know who we are and answer only to ourselves! Of course times change and we may well decide to go back down that road if it is for the best interest of our club. Our membership is made up from Australian men and we consider their families as our family. We respect each others commitments to our families and do not get between Man and Wife. Our Members and Associates come from all walks of life. From Factory workers to Council bus drivers, electricians and the list goes on. We definitely DO NOT have Bank Robbers, Gangsters, Drug Manufacturers or even members of the Police Force. Why not Police you ask? Well its very simple. Members of the Police take an oath to uphold Law and order and to protect Citizens. They are NEVER off duty and are always on the look out for criminals. We are a family orientated club and members have sons. Young fellas tend to make mistakes and most of these mistakes can be sorted and fixed by a Father stepping in and repairing anything the son has done without giving his son a criminal record to carry around his neck for the rest of his life. The common ground for us is our motorcycles, adventure and our families. Our motorcycles being the glue that hold us together. Over the years our members have held honors such as being Godfathers to each others children. The best man and grooms men for one another at weddings and these days our proudest accomplishment - We have fathers and sons riding side by side together where fathers and sons belong! We have Associate Members from all around Australia and also around the world. We have these Associates and friends stopping in on their travels. Sometimes staying a night and making good use of our facilities such as our extensive camping area and motorcross tracks. We meet these people and they quickly understand us and our way of life! They soon want to support us. We ride anywhere we want when we want as free Australians. With the intention of riding over every inch of our country with whatever motorcycles it takes to complete our ride ambitions. Membership in the Vagabonds MC as a Full Member is for Male bike owners who Ride road registered bikes over 650cc of any Make. We do not discriminate against women in fact we love our girls, the mothers of our children. We just see it as a mans job to provide and protect them and our children. We organize social day rides and overnight runs regularly. We camp out or stay at motels, caravan parks ectall depending on the weather and distances traveled. We do not conspire to overthrow any organizations, businesses or other Clubs OR society itself when we are together as a Club. We wish to simply exist and enjoy and share our way of life with other like minded people. Due to this way of life involving motorcycles we sadly over the years have lost 2 of OUR club Brothers to road accidents. R.I.P Banger and R.I.P Brian BTTE GBNF VFFV. Also we lost our Brother Big Al to a drowning incident. R.I.P. Big Al BTTE GBNF VFFV. With respect to the memories of our 3 brothers, we hold Memorial Runs every year on their dates they left for the Vagabonds MC Forever Chapter.  We gather to celebrate the time they shared with us and we ride their favorite rides. If what is written here has spiked an interest in you and you would like to know more about the Vagabonds Brisbane Motorcycle Club. Simply contact us through our email or through facebook and introduce yourself. Ask any questions? We are only two happy to answer all of them for you instead of guessing or being told false stories by others we may have shunned or disregarded due to their lack of interest in preserving our way of life. You only have new Friends and good times ahead if you decide to give us a chance to be a part of your passion and way of life. Cheers and safe Riding. Vagabonds Forever Forever Vagabonds.Vagabonds MC AUSTRALIA

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